Worship during ongoing gathering restrictions

Bethlehem will worship in 3 groups while the state continues to recomend phyical distancing.

Sunday mornings at 9am  -  Wednesday evenings at 7pm

and by radio (KOFI-104.3FM) or online

Please see below for details.

Visitors are welcome at any time!

based on Last Names

BLC members are divided into 3 groups:

  • Group A = last name A - G
  • Group B = last name H - O
  • Group C = last name P - Z

(if members of your family use different last names, you can choose one to use for these purposes)

Click here for worship dates by group.

Worship Group Schedule
Additional Precautions
seating and limited contact

In order to maintain the recommened 6ft distancing between people, we will be seating you in designated areas of the sanctuary. We will require masks be worn while at BLC.  We discourage hand shaking and all forms of physical touch.  There will be no coffee hour and conversation in the building before or after worship.

Singing should be done in a quite manner. Communion will be on the first week of each month.  Offering baskets will be available at the entrances/exits.

Thank you for observing these precautions while we continue to protect each other duirng this time.