You and your family are invited to the Faith Renewal Celebration
sponsored in part by the Waldum Renewal Fund

We're celebrating 127 years that Bethlehem Lutheran has been a vibrant church in Kalispell sharing the love of Christ in communion, fellowship, and service in our church buildings at 6th & Main for 90 years.

We'll look back and celebrate how far we've come, look around at the many blessings the faithful have provided, and look forward to the work we have yet to accomplish!

Join us Sunday morning, Frebruary 13 starting with worship at 9:00 AM.

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The blessing of the Snowflake

As we marvel at the snowflakes this time of year, how very unique and individual each one is, we also admire their strength when they gather together.  They become the snow that gives water to our thirsty earth and makes snowballs, snow slopes, and snow forts... Fun for all ages!

Together we are bolder, braver, and stronger!

Schedule for the morning:

9:00am - Worship -- Bishop Laurie Jungling preaching

10:30am - Dedication of a plaque from the Montana Historical Society denoting BLC's Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall bulding an historic site

10:45am - Intergenerational activity for all the faithful

11:15am - Presentation by Bishop Laurie Jungling

12:15pm - Complementary lunch (catered by Vista Linda)

(You'll be home in plenty of time for the Superbowl Pregame broadcasts!)